Today, Oman Foods International synonymous with the rice processing industry of Oman. Since its inception, the company has made it a point to stay true to its brand promise of delivering the finest quality of long grained silky white basmati rice and has built a solid reputation for all its brands.                                                                                                   
Throughout its 14- year's successful history, the company has lived up to its promise of 'Quality in Every Grain'. That explains how it has been able to capture a large chunk of market share in Oman. Since its start in 1996, the company quietly transformed itself to meet the needs of its clientele for food commodities.

Gradually, its capabilities outpaced public perception, matching the two became necessary. NRM rebranded in 2007 with a new name - Oman Foods International SAOG - and new facilities was a huge success.
From this time onwards the company grown as a multi product company and is dealing with other food product such as White Sugar, milk powder, lentils, chick peas, spices and other dry food commodities. The company has large plans to diversify its roll both vertically and horizontally.


   Oman Foods International SAOC received award from Oman Daily Observer in the category of Oman’s Greatest Brands (Oman's Most Prestigious Forthcoming Book on Brands) 
for our brand 
“Thamer” again in the year 2012-2013“Thamer”  Ranked
No. 1 in its category
 No. 12 among the Greatest 180 Brands